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Comparison of GMOL and BK for Searching GRanDMA

      GRanDMA requires some software to make sense of it: to search for information and make reports. At present there are two viable, rather different approaches available, Brother′s Keeper® and GRanDMA OnLine. Each has its own advantages.

Overview of Brother′s Keeper®

Overview of GRanDMA OnLine

      Using Brother′s Keeper® (BK), you pay for a copy of the database, download it to your computer, and search it on your own computer with BK or other software of your choice.
      Brother′s Keeper® is one of the few programs that is capable of handling a database as large as GRanDMA. You can edit your copy as you wish. When you want the new information in a new version of GRanDMA emerges, you must update it, but if you choose not to update, your current file never expires.

      GRanDMA OnLine is entirely on the web. You don't need to install anything. The updates are installed on a shared server, so everyone sees the same information.
      The data are from the single curated database, modified by GRanDMA volunteers. If you want to add your data, GRanDMA would welcome the submission, following the guidelines.

Features of Brother′s Keeper® Features of GRanDMA OnLine
  • Searches can be made without the internet.
  • Requires code lookup for searching for equivalent Mennonite names.
  • Has several ways to form searches.
  • Many reports.
  • Sometimes faster on searches and reports.
  • Attaches photos to individuals.
  • Prints ancestor charts up to 9 generations.
  • Runs only on Windows (or Macs after installation of an emulator).
  • Requires installation of Brother′s Keeper® software. The shareware version is free; the full version costs $45.
          The shareware version has most of the functionality of the full version.
  • Requires download of GRanDMA updates to stay current.
  • Displays birthdates of all persons, living or not.
  • Requires the internet.
  • Automatically converts Mennonite names to codes for equivalent Mennonite names.
  • Multiple ways to form searches including unique two-person combinations.
  • Draws maps of locations, timelines, ancestries, etc..
  • Provides a navigable ancestry tree.
  • Manages photographs of individuals and groups.
  • Many reports.
  • Faster on most searches and reports.
  • Easy to share Individual Profiles.
  • Prints ancestor charts up to 15 generations.
  • Runs on any computer with a browser (Windows, Macs, Chromebook, Linux).
  • No installation of software.
  • GRanDMA database is updated automatically.
  • Follows the CMHS requirement that birthdates of living persons not be displayed.
  • Pay only for database access ($20/2 years).

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